Refugees welcome es un intercambio juvenil que tiene como objetivo despertar la empatía y comprensión de los jóvenes participantes con respecto a las dificultades que experimentan los refugiados, al mismo tiempo que los apoyaba en la sugerencia de medidas para respaldar la integración de los jóvenes refugiados. Además, buscaba crear conciencia entre los jóvenes sobre el valor de la solidaridad europea y fomentar una red de jóvenes dispuestos a trabajar en pro de la integración de los jóvenes refugiados en sus realidades locales. Este proyecto fue financiado por Erasmus+ a través de la Agencia Nacional Húngara para Erasmus+ Juventud, Tempus Közalapítvány.

Durante su desarrollo, el proyecto logró alcanzar los siguientes objetivos:

  • Sensibilizar a los jóvenes sobre el valor de la solidaridad europea.
  • Apoyar a los jóvenes en la formulación de medidas para respaldar la integración de los jóvenes refugiados.
  • Fomentar la empatía y comprensión de los jóvenes hacia las dificultades que experimentan los refugiados.
  • Establecer una red de jóvenes comprometidos que continúen trabajando en la integración de los jóvenes refugiados en sus comunidades locales.

A través de esta publicación, deseamos compartir los logros y el impacto positivo que este proyecto ha tenido en la vida de los participantes y en la promoción de la solidaridad y la integración de los jóvenes refugiados.


Day 1

The first day of the Erasmus+ program «Workout Your Values» started with a lively icebreaker session, where participants introduced themselves using adjectives that matched the initial letter of their names. This engaging activity fostered a fun and creative atmosphere, helping us all get to know each other’s names.
Following the icebreaker, we engaged in an energetic pen activity and a pairs-based discussion game that encouraged dynamic conversations and diverse perspectives within the group. We then received an introduction to the program’s rules and group guidelines to ensure smooth operations and effective teamwork.
In the afternoon, the day continued with a musical performance by the «angels of the day» family and another energizer called «hi ha ho. Two team-building activities ensued. The first, «The Minefield,» challenged us to navigate a grid filled with «bombs» while maintaining a connected human chain, emphasizing communication and coordination.
The second game involved closing our eyes and collaboratively forming a square with multiple ropes, highlighting trust, communication, and problem-solving skills as we relied on our senses and teamwork to succeed.
Furthermore, we participated in «YouthPassport Islands,» an activity designed to explore and apply the eight competencies of the YouthPassport framework. Through dynamic exercises and group discussions, we enhanced our communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and intercultural understanding skills, enriching our personal and professional development.

Day 2

Today, Sunday, 3rd of September, it’s the Purple Family time to make the report of the day.

After breakfast, we had a little energizer and our first workshop was about creating trust. There were two mini games that were similar. Each of us had to lead other people who couldn’t see. This activity helped us understand the importance of communication inside of a team and also the importance of building trust. 

After the coffee break we did a sketch by being divided in teams of six. Every team had the same situation, but the value they needed to focus on was different, which have changed the perspectives of creating the sketch. It helped us learn the importance of values, how they change the approach in a situation. 

After lunch, the angels of the day made us a surprise with a massage session. 

After that, we made a small energizer and got into the next workshop. The theme of this one was about reflecting on happy memories on our lives and the connections they have with our values. We have discovered that our main values make us who we are because they lead to situations in life. 

After the coffee break, we were again paired in teams and we had to put in order some values. The rule was to be without democracy, meaning that we all had to agree 100% with the order of the values.

Then we had a nice recap of the day with our families here. 

At night, after dinner, there was the Intercultural Night for Romania and Spain. The members from both countries had prepared a presentation and a game and then we all put music and dance. 

It was a very nice and full day. 

Day 3

We started with a «hot potato» energizer.
Then a pairs exercise to express our skills and what we are good at. Also what we can be paid for.
We also did individual work, challenged to write «things you love, you are good at, the world needs, you can be payed for» called IKIGAI.
And we finished with debriefing about what we learned and what we can practice.
After lunch, we had a meditation session with the angels of the day
The second half of the day started with an energizer activity «Bunny» where we pretended to pass the bunny around and had to make a gesture to the Bunny, and then to the person on our right side.
After the energizer, our facilitator started to explain the Atletics. We devided into a nine groups of 3 or 4 people. Each group had one sport. Our task was to make a poster about that sport. The things we had to describe are: how it works, basic rules, origins and history, values required for practising it, curiosities. We then put up the posters around the room and presented it.
Second half of the workshop was in the playground. We started with a warm-up, and continued to learn about Atletics. We did basics of the running, progressive spints, fast walking, vortex throwing and relay.
We ended the day with the individual daily reflection.
And we finished the day with a yoga session again by the angels of the day.

Day 4

Today we started the day with a short intro about what is Capoeira and how to warm up thanks to the Ginga, the basic movement of Capoeira. Then we continued learning some basic steps like esquivas, kicks and acrobatics, and we did it amazing!!
In the afternoon we lovely talked about non violent communication and learned a lot of new different feelings that we can use for expressing ourselves in different situations.
For almost finishing the day, we were dived into teams and start working in creating our own sports based in the values that we considered important. It’s still a work in process but looks like we’re gonna have several sports more for the next Olympics!!
And for finally finishing a great day, we had an amazing intercultural evening from Portugal and Greece. See you around!

Day 5

On the 26th of august, the facilitators organized for us a trip to Ávila, which is considered one of the most interesting cities in Spain. There was a lot of free time for us during the day, so everyone had the oportunity to explore the city on their own and experience the local culture. Some of us visited the town walls, the catedral or Plaza Mayor.
In Avila the group also got to explore the city and get more in touch with locals by playing the «peg exchange» game. We were divided in groups and each group was given a peg to exchange for something with more value. The idea was to have an hour to do a chain exchange of things and the group with the most valuable item/items would win. We got the chance to meet many amazing people, local and tourists, in streets and in the shops, who were open to talk to us and help us reaching our goal.
It was heartwarming to see how many people were open to talk with total strangers and give us something, even when that something might have had some sentimental value. It was a funny way to explore the city and actually getting in touch with the culture and to try to speak some Spanish.
We voted to choose the winning team and,in the end, they decided to share the cakes that they got as a price with all of us. Sharing is caring!

The night started with the the Hungarian and Greek team preparing the intercultural presentation. The Hungarian team showed the traditional Hungarian weeding , organised a quiz interactive game and taught folk dancing. The Greek team presented a mythology video as well as a humoristic one . They couldn’t leave behind their folk dances .

The night closed after the participants tasted the national foods, drinks and snacks from the presenting countries and it was amazing!!

Day 6

Today in the morning we had a workshop on ultimate. At first, we had a theoretical lesson on the rules of the sport and then we practiced the basics and did some fun exercises.
Finally, we played full-fledged matches which were really interactive and fun. After eating fried fish for lunch we played an RPG (role-playing game) as part of a Conflict Resolution workshop and in the end, each team continued with the sport designing session. At the end of the day, the participants will gather in the central lobby for the intercultural nights of  ITALY and  CROATIA.
We will taste local (non-alcoholic) beverages and delicacies and get to know the cultures intimately. 

Day 7

In the morning we started with an energizer and we spent the rest of the time preparing our sports with the teams from the day before.

After lunch, each team did the presentation of their sport’s rules and values, demonstrated how to play it and everybody got to try all of them. 
Then we got reunited to discuss how difficult it was to create a sport from scratch but in the end every team was successful and had fun.
We spent some more time playing sports, while some of us gave feedback about how was this experience on general.
The day ended with an individual ir pair/small group reflection.

Day 8

On the last day, we had the opportunity to learn more about Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps.

Through a presentation using memes from the project pictures, the facilitator presented the different programs offered by Erasmus+ and CES, their target group and how can we apply.

The ones with more experience had the chance to play Brisapoli, so they didn’t have to hear the same information as in every project one more time (although this time it was quite funny). 

Later we were divided in groups and created our own project ideas.  We had proposals about how to prevent peer pressure, gender equality, and wven a TC about artificial inteligence 🙂

And finally the time to say goodby came! We had a very emotional closing ceremony where we were able to say our goodbyes, or better, see you soons!

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