The aim of this youth exchange was to empower and teach young musicians, singers and songwriters to use their musical skills and talents for inspiring change in their local and international communities.

The main objectives of the project were:

  • to introduce young people to the concept of artivism and to learn about best case practices of activism or artivism in different countries
  • to raise awareness about the importance of active participation in the life of the local community
  • to organise 3 small international concerts/jam sessions in the city of Požega with participants from 6 different countries
  • to create minimum of 6 workshops about artivism through music that will be organised in participating countries after the mobility
  • to create minimum 15 testimonies about artivism through music in native language of the participants
  • to inform the youth about opportunities available to them through Erasmus+ and other European
    mobility programs.

Here you can watch the videos showing all the amazing work done by the participants and the hosting organization during their activity in Croatia.  


"I signed up for this project with a lot of fear, since as much as music has always been something very important in my life, I have never managed to professionalize it. This made me a little insecure at first, but from the beginning everyone made me feel very comfortable and helped me a lot, making me evolve as a singer and musician, learning new skills."
Noa Duarte
"This exchange, in addition to allowing me to get to know new places and cultures, has allowed me to learn a lot about music and, above all, to enjoy it with people who are as passionate as I am. An unforgettable experience!"
Paula Pérez
"This project has managed to make me feel much more sure of myself. Music is a great means of expression. Sharing and transmitting your emotions through it can help a lot both to the one who creates the music and to the one who listens to it."
Ángel Martinez
"I really enjoyed seeing how a jam session worked, the complicity between the musicians and how they can be understood in a gestural way just by looking at each other. I also liked feeling valued even though my level was perhaps not as high as that of other musicians in the project. But I never felt judged. He taught me some tools and resources to inspire me when creating, which motivated me and will help me a lot for my future personal musical projects."
Miriam pérez
"I decided to sign up for this project as a new experience, without expectations, open mind. A project for someone who has always loved music... And without a doubt it was a unique experience. An experience, in which through coexistence (and some rhythms from different corners of the world), we create an international family and unforgettable memories."
Abraham Santos

Musical Vox Populi Youth Exchange was co-funded by the European Commission within the Erasmus+ framework and implemented by the Croatian association Ocean Znanja 

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