The aim of this youth exchange was to inspire young people to accept and appreciate diversity in their environment and in Europe.

Stories and fairy tales have been part of our lives since childhood, so they are a valuable learning method, and a way to acquire new information and broaden our horizons.

The main objectives of the project were:

  • show young people different cultures and their legends in a fun and interactive way.
  • increase acceptance of other cultures and appreciation of diversity in Europe.
  • help young people connect with their roots and develop a better understanding of themselves and their culture.
  • see how different cultures use the same method to spread values to children.
  • remind us of our childhood and that legends were important to us growing up and why.


This experience was so good for me because I have been in diferents situation which I hadn't been ever. I learned how to manage my feelings in those situations to be in balance with myself.
Beñat Irazusta
In this exchange I've learned a lot about how a story is crafted, how to present it to the public and how to handle the fearsome deadlines . But apart from that, I think that the most important thing that I've learned is how to adapt concepts from the past, topics that our legends have, and turn them into a lesson for our current times
Belén Duque
During this days I had a really good time next to a lot of interesting people, I build relationships with people from different countries while I was learning about topics that were new to me, also thanks to this experience I improved my social skills and now my public speech is much better.
Jairo Pérez
I'd never even tought about going on a Erasmus, until one of my friends sent me a link to one that I found very appealing, so I signed up for it. I've learnt so much on this trip, both practical and cultural knowleadge. If I'd knew about it, I've definetly gone on one before, and now I can't wait till the next one!
Natalia Núñez
It seems that in ten days there is not enough time for a person to change, to change their way of seeing things, of thinking, of acting, but it is the reality, this Erasmus+ has been for me to plant a seed of something that I feel is going to do better in the future.
Andrea García
For me, this training program has surely meant the beginning of many new opportunities and greater self-confidence.
Cayetano Yagüe
I have learned that there are many ways to learn and that the stories from when I was a child can continue to teach me things even today. I have also learned to be more comfortable in large groups of people and speaking in public.
Ignacio Lucio

The Meet the Legends Youth Exchange was co-funded by the European Commission within the Erasmus+ framework and implemented by the Croatian association Ocean Znanja 

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