Let’s talk about sex, is a training course that seeks to respond to the need of young Europeans to have a better sexual-affective-relational education.

We wanted to create this project because, as youth workers, we have identified room for improvement in the sexual education that young Europeans receive today.

Girls and boys facing adolescence (as well as young adults in many cases) need to have references and truthful information in the face of the «tsunami» that the search for knowledge through other means, such as the Internet, can entail.

To respond to this need, we have brought together youthworkers from Spain, Greece, Estonia, Italy and Hungary, who work directly with young people in their local communities.

The objectives of this course were:

  • increase the knowledge of youth workers and promote positive attitudes in relation to sexual health.
  • learn about cognitive, emotional, physical and social aspects of sexuality.
  • acquire the necessary tools to promote respect in social and sexual relationships.
  • Develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that will assist youth workers in supporting the young people they work with.


The organizing team included a professional sexologist as a trainer, a youthworker with years of experience as a project manager and two new trainers in the role of facilitators. Of course this has been an international team, with representatives from Greece, Spain and Hungary.

the workshops

If there is something special about these workshops, it is that they have been created by a person with extensive experience in the field of both formal and non-formal training, which has given rise to a carefully planned program that included various methodologies, tools and methods.

This has made it possible to enrich not only the knowledge of the participating youthworkers in terms of sexual education, but also their toolbox as trainers. Some of the tools used have been:

  • gamification
  • Body expression
  • Body Mapping
  • Film Forum
  • forum theater
  • Debate

For both the participants and the organizing team it has been an incredible experience, which we believe has achieved its initial goals, so we are delighted to say that the second part, Let’s keep talking about sex, is in the making 😉

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