The I.D.EA youth exchange seeks to make young people more aware of their strengths and how to use them in their professional future. It aims to provide the tools and empower the participants to develop their own ideas.

Like any youth exchange, a very important part of the program is the cultural exchange between the participants, this time from Spain, Portugal, Italy and Turkey.

The IDEA project is founded by the European Union with its Erasmus + program.



DAY 1: 07.09.2020

The participants arrived throughout the day. After the presentations, we participated in various games to learn the names.

DAY 2: 08.09.2020

On the first day of activity, the objective was to break the ice and for the young people to get to know each other. To achieve this, we had several activities that sought to strengthen ties between the participants. Fears and expectations were analyzed and the rules for the week were established.

After lunch we participated in more «team building» games and the participants learned about the youthpass, what it is and how to complete it, through the «youthpass-port» challenge.

DAY 3: 09.09.2020

The day begins with learning the basics of entrepreneurship through games. In teams, the participants had to guess different words related to the project using mimics and descriptions. After a break, we had the «Ideal Entrepreneur» workshop. In this workshop, the qualities of the ideal entrepreneur were analyzed and an «identity molecule» was created: a tool to define the core characteristics of the ideal entrepreneur. The last activity of the afternoon consisted of a gymkhana in the center of Miranda de Ebro, with different tasks designed to be an interactive guide for the participants, bringing them to the main attractions of the city.

DAY 4: 10.09.2020

The first workshop of the day consisted of a game to improve the negotiating skills of the young people. During «trust and negotiations» the teams competed and collaborated to achieve the highest profits.

After the break, we received a visit from Saray Manero, a local entrepreneur who explained her experience of creating a business, and introduced the «canvas model» one of the main tools used to lay out new projects.

In the afternoon we traveled to Burgos where a volunteer from Brisa Intercultural took a tour of the city. The participants got to know the most important monuments of the city as well as some local traditions.

DAY 5: 11.09.2020

The day began with the «Creathon», a game in which the participants must create a business proposal aimed to improve the entrepreneur’s quality of life. After creating the business idea, the participants had the task to develop a marketing strategy.

After lunch, we held an «open space» where the participants had the opportunity to offer different workshops. We learned about calisthenics, brain teasers, writing songs …

DAY 6: 12.09.2020

David Leal, a local entrepreneur who works helping others to develop their ideas, and as a social innovator, participated in the exchange on Saturday morning. He told us about his experiences on social entrepreneurship and later the participants were able to contribute their ideas for the creation of a social innovation center, a space for learning and entrepreneurship in Burgos

In the afternoon, the participants complete a individually a «SWAT» analysis as well as a test to determine their «business personality type». Taking this information into account, different working groups were established in which they developed proposals for social entrepreneurship.

DAY 7: 13.09.2020

During the morning the participants learned about the different opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ and ESC programs, among them we introduced the Solidarity Projects. After this, participants divided in national groups analyzed the shortcomings of their local communities to design a solidarity project that solves an existing problem and learned about the procedure to request one of these projects.

The final evaluation was also carried out and the youthpass documents were delivered.

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