The main goal of this project was to have more European organizations working with ESC volunteering, proposing quality projects thanks to shared knowledge and new synergies and partnerships.

More specifically, the objectives of the training activity were:

  1. to help the participants to understand how to get a quality label to
    host/support ESC volunteers for their organizations;
  2. to build a net of reliable potential ESC partners;
    to share knowledge about practical arrangements and budget;
  3. to discuss potential problems that might occur during ESC
    projects and propose solutions;
  4. to share management/digital tools.
Presentación durante una de las sesiones del curso formativo
algunos de los participantes del proyecto durante su tiempo libre

During the training course, the participants were able to meet members of other European entities who are in similar situations to us: taking their first steps as host organizations at ESC.

Thanks to the trainers from SEMI, we learned different methodologies for volunteer mentoring, project coordination, and reflection tools so that volunteers can enjoy a quality project.

In addition, we were able to create new alliances with other participating associations. This is of vital importance when creating European volunteering projects; the difference a quality partner can make is incalculable.

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