The MigrART

The migrART youth exchange, in Miranda de Ebro, brought together young people from Italy, Denmark, Estonia, North Macedonia and Spain. The youth mobility began on January 29 and ended on February 4.

The objective of the youth exchange was to identify and work on the difficulties that migrants face when arriving in Europe. This topic will be addressed through art, using it as a communication tool between people from different cultures. Art overcomes the language barrier and helps people who speak different languages understand each other.

We want to let you know how the week looked, and no one beter than out participants to do so:

Día 1: Arrival

Participants arrived at the Miranda de Ebro station after flying several hours from their homes to Madrid airport. They arrived tired but not so tired that they missed the first games to learn the names of their teammates.

Arrival day

Día 2: Ice breaking and Team building

On the first day of activity, icebreaking games were used with the intention of participants getting to know each other better. The games used were a form of blanket game and a more teamwork oriented musical chairs. Teambuilding games with obstacles were implemented to establish trust between participants. Participants took turns drawing each other in an effort to establish further connection. Later they decided to set up rules for the duration of the project. Participants worked in pairs and shared their fears and expectations. Used drawing as a tool of expression. 

Following the break participants were separated in groups of five. Analysed articles pertaining to migration in different themes. Themes such as mental health obstacles, and difficulties faced in integration in a new culture. After analysing the articles, the teams produced a recorded simulation of news channel. Then all teams gathered, sat in a circle and discussed the previous activity, and their points of view with relevant questions.

– Sergio Hernández, Marjija Aloe Vera, Ángel Medina, Alisa Hlebnikova –

Día 3: Ice breaking and Team building

The second day started with an energizer which is done everyday, because, generally we need a boost everyday and increase our productivity for the day.

We had an external visit from RedAcoge NGO that works for and with migrants in Burgos. Their experience was shared and we were educated on how to recognize flaws which are presented by the media when reporting on migration and how to correct it. 

After the lunch, we had a simulation where we had to put ourselves in migrants shoes. We went through through series of obstacles migrants face while relocating to another country trading possessions, dealing with injured family members and also leaving their home.

We finished the day with an artistic and creative workshop where we had to prepare postcards to be used later for the exhibition.

The day was filled with lots of laughter, useful information, joy and the group connection grew a lot stronger.

– Guiacomo Dessi, Adu Olamide, Anna Mäkinen, Kristina Ristovska –

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