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SÉ EL CAMBIO (Be the change)

Be the change is a Solidarity Project developed by a group of Brisa’s volunteers whose objective is to raise awareness of social injustices and promote social entrepreneurship among young people.

How was Sé el cambio born ?

As Brisa volunteers, we’ve had the opportunity to attend workshops and youth exchanges that dealt with social entrepreneurship, awakening an entrepreneurial spirit in us and teaching us many useful tools to put our ideas into motion.

As currently the possibility of attending youth exchanges or even local workshops has been reduced by the pandemic, we wanted to create online content – small information pills – that make this knowledge available to young people at any time and place.

What do we want to achieve?

Our intention is to promote a pro-active and supportive youth, more aware of the obstacles that some groups face, and who are willing to become agents of change. Through our videos we want to sensitize young people and give them the tools they need to carry out solidarity actions.

What are our videos about?

Our project is based on the following pillars:

  1. Videos on Self-knowledge to discover what areas we are passionate about and call us to promote change
  2. Videos to promote social entrepreneurship
  3. Specific information and tools to help you develop projects

Where can you find them?

On the YouTube channel of Brisa Intercultural, as well as on our Instagram.

This project has been co-founded by the European Union, through the European Solidarity Corps.


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