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ECOlabora is a solidarity project developed by a group of young people from Burgos, whose objective is to promote sustainability and respect for the environment, through the cooperation and values of “Do It Yourself”.

The project focuses on the construction of an ecological urban garden in the city of Burgos, in which volunteers from the local community will work, in order to promote healthy eating and the cultivation of agricultural products in a natural way.

In addition, workshops and other activities will be carried out, both in person and online, in which aspects related to the environment and healthy life will be discussed:

• Permaculture and soil and ecosystem conservation. Environmental care.
• Recycling and reuse of materials as an alternative to overconsumption.
• Physical activity and healthy eating, as essential components of a healthy life.

Anyone who wishes may participate in these activities, as well as collaborate in the different stages of construction of the urban garden.

If you have any idea or proposal we will be happy to hear it in the comments !!!

El equipo ECOlabora

Gonzalo is the general coordinator. He is the promoter of the development of this project. His function is to obtain the necessary materials for the construction of the garden infrastructure and to devise the way in which it will be used. He coordinates the work of the other participants with the aim of being as effective as possible. He also organizes workshops on sustainability, healthy eating, active life, ecology, and permaculture.

Andrea is in charge of coordinating workshops and activities for children and communicating with other associations. She also manages social media posts and designs graphic materials.

Ruben is in charge of the design and construction of the garden. He is devising a fully self-sufficient garden in terms of all resources.

Victor is in charge of the design and construction of the garden. He should also design a rainwater harvesting system for subsequent irrigation.

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