Brisa Intercultural

About us


Brisa Intercultural is a youth organization based in Burgos. Since our foundation in 2019, we have developed local and international projects with the aim of promoting values such as democracy, solidarity, cooperation and teamwork among young people.

Through Brisa, young people can develop their own ideas to in order to develop  both personal and professionally. We aim to be a tool in the development of people, and to create an alternative form of volunteering in which the volunteer can propose their own ideas and create their own projects.


In Brisa we want to create a sense of European identity in young people and encourage them to be active citizens while providing non-formal education opportunities for young people in international contexts.


We want to be a place where young people can develop their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, a platform for other young people to pursue their ideas and projects.


Brisa has been built on pillar values, which we try to include in all our activities, projects and initiatives: solidarity, access to knowledge, empathy and cooperation.


rubio soto


Graduated in Audiovisual Communication, she is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Social Innovation and a Master’s degree in Design and Online Marketing.

She has several years of experience in the field of youthwork and has collaborated in the organization of dozens of European projects with international NGOs.

Besides being the president of Brisa, she’s currently the secretary of COINCIDIMOS, (an organization of entrepreneurship and social innovation), and previously was Responsible for Local Activities in AEGEE-Burgos youth organizarion.

fernández hernández

Mobility projects responsible

Student of the Degree in Social Education at the University of Burgos.

She has been a volunteer in different entities (General Hospital, Nuevo Futuro, Cruz Blanca …). She previously studied design and last year she participated in a European Voluntary Service for 11 months.

Finally, it is worth highlighting her active participation in the AEGEE-Burgos association, being in charge of International Relations for 3 years and organizing international events.

Cuesta García


After completing his master’s degree in chemistry at UBU (Burgos university), he has decided to dedicate himself full time to the world of non-formal education.

He has been volunteering for two years in different local associations. Gonzalo has participated and organized different solidarity and training projects, both locally and internationally, especially in the fields of ecology and healthy living.

In addition to being secretary at Brisa, he is currently the president of the AEGEE-Burgos youth association.

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